Review: Cinders & Sparrows by Sefan Bachmann

Zita is an ordinary girl of 13, raised in an orphanage and employed as a maid.  Seemingly out of the blue, she receives a letter summoning her to Blackbird Castle to claim her inheritance.  Intrigued by the idea, Zita drops everything and travels to meet a peculiar cast of characters in an old mansion!

Cinders & Sparrows is a brilliant new novel from Stefan Bachmann.  Though the premise sounds overused, ‘orphan finds out they are the heir to a long lost kingdom/fortune/mansion/etc’, Bachmann updates this premise and brings a new approach to this story.  Zita is so relatable, frustrated with her initial treatment, but she eventually understands the situation and comes to appreciate what she has.  Of course, characters from humble beginnings usually stay humble!

This is a standalone novel that delivers a beautiful take on magic and blends a number of magical literary elements into a fascinating puzzle, fitting together with every chapter.  I would tag this as a magic, gothic adventure to read under the stars!  Arriving just in time for Halloween, I will be purchasing a copy and recommending it to my public library.  I absolutely enjoyed it that much!

The promotional material for this title describes it as a perfect read for fans of Kate Milford, Victoria Schwab, and Diana Wynne Jones.  Three fantastic authors that I admire deeply!  This is a standalone title filled with magic, mystery, mayhem, and providing readers with lessons about love, loss, family, friendship, and ultimately, belonging!  Fans of the Magisterium Series or the Ember in the Ashes Series would also love this book!

Cinders & Sparrows hits shelves October 13, 2020!  Get your pre-order in now from your favorite retailer! 

Check out Cinders & Sparrows on goodreads and visit author Stefan Bachmann’s website!

Thank to Edelweiss and Greenwillow Books for a galley copy of this book in return for an honest review.


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