Review: Palace of Silver by Hannah West

This series is very interesting because it combines so many different elements of storytelling.  The first book, A Kingdom of Ash and Briars, takes place well over 100 years before the setting of the sequels.  It seems a bit like this was meant to be a standalone that was picked up for a series, which isn’t a bad thing, only an interesting thing.  After reading the first book in the series, I really did enjoy it!   Great storytelling and world building, from what I can tell other reviews said that it was an underrated release in 2016, which was very promising. 

Book 2, Realm of Ruins, focuses on a direct descendant of the heroine of the first book and blends together fairy tale elements and other interesting storytelling devices.  I also really liked this book, though the time jump was disconcerting at the beginning.  I quickly came to terms with the time shift and happily finished Realm of Ruins

Palace of Silver is a continuation of the story from Realm of Ruins and is a captivating read!  I absolutely love the magic system, the elicromancers are a cross between the classic high fantasy elves and wizards both guardians and magic users with a noble charge to protect the people of the world, yet immortal and having to come to terms with long life.  The world building through the first two books holds up, though the original characters are absent.  The political system, magic system, currency, and overall order of things remain steady through this book. 

I really enjoyed the relationships between the characters, the main queens and the other queens.  A world with four queens?  You can never have too many queens!  I love the elements of high fantasy, of fairy tale folklore, and of your favorite fairy tale tropes!  This book has elements of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and other classic western tales that you likely know and love.

This is a great book and series for YA fans of magic and fantasy!  I would recommend to anyone looking for a fresh magical series to get them through this period of social distancing and beyond!  This is a book I would absolutely buy for my shelves (already bought the first two books, so I’ll have to have this one to complete the set!)

This book can be found on goodreads and on Hannah West’s website!  Out on April 28th, be sure to pick up this book from your favorite retailer!
I received a galley copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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