Review: Vanishing Point by Vanessa Robertson

Kate Carpenter is part of the high-stakes art game with a dangerous past and a promising future.  With her ex-boyfriend in jail for assaulting her, Kate is on the way to Belarus in pursuit of a priceless Van Gogh. 

I absolutely loved the story and Kate’s character development.  This novella is a fantastic introduction to the world of high-stakes art!  This is a novel series I am already anticipating! 

Vanishing Point is a brand new novella from Vanessa Robertson that is sure to be a hit!  I think I found my new favorite thriller series?  As a long time fan of badass ladies as spies, enforcers, bounty hunters, detectives, and other equally as hardcore professions, this is a character I am eager to learn more about! 

Vanessa Robertson is the author of Death Will Find Me, a 1920s crime novel set in Edinburgh and featuring a former spy, Tessa Kilpatrick.  This novel sound equally as exciting and is already on my to be read list! 

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Don’t forget to be on the lookout for Vanessa’s next Tessa Kilpatrick novel, out in 2020!

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