Review: The Winged Lion: Marion’s Match by Patrick D. Carlson

The Winged Lion: Marion’s Match

Author: Patrick D. Carlson

Published: March 17, 2020

Publisher: Page Publishing

Number of Pages: 241 Pages

Format: Paperback

Source: Author’s Request

In the year 2090, the United People’s Commonwealth world government and its leader, Premier Kerioth, are fighting an existential threat from a growing rebellion. The nonconformist cause, led by General Nathaniel Marion, espouses beliefs of restoring liberty to the world’s oppressed population. Little does the overreaching government know that a mysterious group of people is supporting the tricorn-wearing freedom fighters. Their goal? To topple the tyrannical regime. 

In the midst of the struggle is a prodigious teenager named Peter Barclay. Peter’s intellect and rare abilities provide a stark juxtaposition to his peers in Chicago, where he attends a Commonwealth primary school. Peter’s beliefs and his unexpected role in the gladiatorial match against General Marion at the notorious Central Stadium prove to be incompatible with Commonwealth society, and become catalysts for others to find hope in a world drowning in despair. 

The decolonization of this hateful and cruel world government begins with the changing of people’s hearts through the recollection of ideas that had been purposefully vilified, altered, and expunged-ideas related to the founding of the former United States of America.

The Winged Lion:  Marion’s Match is a new dystopian novel by Patrick D. Carlson.  Carlson is a novelist with Page Publishing and a physical therapist.  The novel is set in 2090 and sets up conflict between the United People’s Commonwealth world government and the nonconformist rebels who are led by General Marion.  In this world, the United People’s Commonwealth government has dissolved the United States of American and all of the founding documents have been rendered null and void.  General Marion leads forces who are committed to restoring life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to the entire world.  These fighters believe in the founding principles of the United States and even take on interesting characterizations from the founding fathers, including tricorn hats! 

As a history major myself, I really enjoyed all of the allusions to the founding of America, including the names of battles, places, ships, and other nuggets that are woven into the narrative.  Clocking in at about 240 pages, this book brings the reader into the world of Peter Barclay and his struggle to not only survive, but also to find his place in the world.  Peter attends a commonwealth school where his intellect and critical thinking skills far outrank those of his peers.  The reader follows Peter on this journey from Commonwealth school to bigger things!

There are overarching themes in the book about the power of ideology and the dangers of an unstable geo-political scene.  The book is fast-pace and the narrative is tightly woven.  The action scenes are intriguing I really enjoyed them!  Overall, this is a solid book for fans of history, dystopian novels, and interesting characters!

I’d like to thank the author for sending me a copy of this book for review!  This review is my honest opinion.


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