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Child of Destiny
The Rising Saga Book 1
by M.K. Adams
Genre: YA Fantasy
A young orphan on the run from the King. A warlock with the power to protect her. And, the fighter holding them together.
The Rive, a realm ruled by the iron grip of a war-hungry King, is on the brink of rebellion and Lyvanne, a young girl who has witnessed a vision of his downfall, is the key to victory, whether she wants to be involved or not.
Forced to leave her loved ones behind, her life becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse. With the King willing to stop at nothing if it means finding the one who threatens his reign. But when a defiant insurgent group known as The Spring takes her into their protection, Lyvanne is offered something she never could have dreamed of before. The chance to fight back, the chance to make a difference.
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and political upheaval as a common street rat takes the first steps of her great journey along the paths of love, magic, and war.

**Only .99 cents!!**  

Child of Destiny is the debut YA fantasy from M. K. Adams that is intense, filled with complex characters, and interesting story development!  I am an avid supporter of indie and self-published books.  This YA fantasy is absolutely deserving of praise.  Steeped in high fantasy, this adventure tale has everything you want to see in a well-rounded novel.  We have an orphan with a higher purpose, a warlock destined to save a life, and a fighter who keeps the whole gang together!

Though it has a bit of a somber tone through the story, I found this book to be compelling and well worth a read.  My only real complaint is that it took a short while for the book to get going.  Clocking in at about 300 pages, this novel is exactly right for a couple of afternoons of reading.  A lovely writing style and interesting characters all wrapped up in a sweeping world of new magics and mysteries kept me reading from page 1.  Again, a great YA high fantasy with so much to offer!  This is billed as the start of a series and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

Thank you to Silver Dagger Tours for having me along and to M. K. Adams for a fantastic book!

M.K.Adams is a new author within the fantasy genre. He works in politics by trade but writing is where the heart lies, and he’s been concocting worlds and stories since he was a child. He carried out his degree at the University of Kent, Canterbury, before moving into the private sector in London.
M.K. also has an unhealthy obsession with collecting Funko Pops and can often be found listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack when locked away working on his next novel. An avid reader of fantasy and all its sub-genres, M.K. is always on the lookout for the next great story.
Able to find inspiration in the smallest of details he is a firm believer that creating new worlds from scratch is one of the most fulfilling past-times. That belief also led him to the world of Dungeons and Dragons, a hobby that he believes perfectly compliments the creative outpouring of working on a new fantasy novel.
His favourite author is J.R.R.Tolkien, and he found great inspiration when he visited Tolkien’s hometown (and local pub!) in Oxford.
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