#HFVBT Blog Tour: Gilded Dreams by Donna Russo Morin

Gilded Dreams by Donna Russo Morin

Publication Date: June 16, 2020
Magnum Opus
Paperback & eBook; 495 pages
Series: Newport’s Gilded Age, Book 2
Genre: Historical Fiction
From the bestselling author of GILDED SUMMERS comes a powerful novel of the last eight years of the American Women’s fight for suffrage. The battle for the vote is on fire in America. The powerful and rich women of Newport, Rhode Island, are not only some of the most involved suffragettes, their wealth – especially that of the indomitable Alva Vanderbilt Belmont – nearly single-handedly funded the major suffrage parties. Yet they have been left out of history, tossed aside as mere socialites. In GILDED DREAMS, they reclaim their rightful place in history. Pearl and Ginevra (GILDED SUMMERS) are two of its most ardent warriors. College graduates, professional women, wives, and mothers, these progressive women have fought their way through some of life’s harshest challenges, yet they survived, yet they thrive. Now they set their sights on the vote, the epitome of all they have struggled for, the embodiment of their dreams. From the sinking of the Titanic, through World War 1, Pearl and Ginevra are once more put to the test as they fight against politics, outdated beliefs, and the most cutting opponent of all… other women. Yet they will not rest until their voices are heard, until they – and all the women of America – are allowed to cast their vote. But to gain it, they must overcome yet more obstacles, some that put their very lives in danger. An emotional and empowering journey, GILDED DREAMS is a historical, action-packed love letter to the women who fought so hard for all women who stand on the shoulders of their triumph.

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This is book two in the Newport’s Gilded Age series and this book is so timely!  This year is the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment.  The central plot of this book revolves around the right to vote for women.  Being book two, I was a bit hesitant, but my fears were set aside when I began reading.  Though it is the second in the series, I felt like I had ample information to understand exactly what was going on and how the characters interacted with each other.  I could tell there was an established relationship, but I didn’t feel lost.  This period of history is one of my favorites and I was so glad to see an empowering, female driven narrative in the early 1900s. 

Pearl and Ginevra are dynamic and complex.  I loved that these characters have been juxtaposed, one being a woman of privilege and one being an immigrant who has worked incredibly hard to get where she is in society.  Their relationship is explored in detail in the first book and this novel picks up with the two friends joining a suffragist group and working hard to achieve their dream of the right to vote.  This novel explores the trials and tribulations of standing up for what the characters believe in.  The struggles and adversity they face are deeply personal and I felt like they were entirely believable for the time period in which this novel is set. 

Voting is an important civic duty, one that many people do not appreciate.  It is still incredibly important and I am very glad that this book has published because more people need to read it!  There are real life women who struggled through these things.  Having those historical figures to inspire works of fiction based in fact is so wonderful to see.  The writing in this book is incredible and I would encourage everyone to read this book!  Fans of historical fiction will love it and general fiction fans will also enjoy this book!

Thank you to Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for having me along for this tour and thank you to the author for writing a great book! 

About the Author

Donna Russo Morin is an award-winning historical fiction author. Donna has dabbled as a model and actor, working on Showtime’s Brotherhood and Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. Branching out with her storytelling skills, Donna is now a screenwriter. A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, Donna lives on the south shore of Rhode Island close to the ocean she loves so very much. She is the proud mother of two sons, Devon and Dylan, her greatest works in progress.

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