Review: The Crowman by Gareth Clegg

The Crowman

Author: Gareth Clegg

Published: July 1, 2020

Publisher: Twisted Fate Publishing

Format: eBook

Source: Author Request

In a dying world, one lone rider is the only hope for salvation.

Some say the world is shattered, that our way of life is dying. Our sun fills half the sky and the scorched lands struggle to provide enough to sustain us. Still, there has always been hope. But as that fiery red orb descends below the rocky skyline, then comes the shadow: Dark spirits hell-bent on destroying what’s left of humanity, as if we needed any help.

My name is Cheveyo Santiago. I cheated death as a child, but that trauma marked me, and now I sense the evil in others. So here I am, drawn like a moth to the flame. Though I carry a revolver, I’m no gunslinger, there are plenty faster on the draw than me. My real edge is knowledge.

Old family recipes passed down through the ages – the secrets to banish the shadow back to the hells that spawned it. Salt, Brimstone, Silver and Tallow shall be my weapons.

So, hear this, all creatures and spirits of evil. I know you. I see you. Prepare yourself for judgement.

The Crowman is the first novella in a Weird West / Supernatural Western Horror series from Amazon best selling author Gareth Clegg. 

Enter:  Cheveyo Santiago.  Badass, lone wolf. 

Read the synopsis!  What can you not love about this novella!  This has all the markings of great science fiction, great fantasy, and great western.  Sometimes authors can try to mash up too many genres, but I think this was done expertly!

Cheveyo Santiago is such a well written character!  Not only is he super cool, he’s also a survivor.  He is a banisher of spirits and he wants to protect the last shreds of human life in an effort to attain salvation.  Not only is Cheveyo well-written, the personality that is infused into his character is witty, sharp, and interesting!  I’ve recently stumbled into this genre and I have really enjoyed it so far! 

The setting is lush with a ton of descriptive prose provided by the author.  Sweeping backdrops of almost post-apocalyptic scenery.  Reminiscent of Fallout or Mad Max, but infused with so many details and interesting plot devices.  Also, I loved the typesetting and choices for the chapter images!  I’m a suck for a gunslinging magical adventure through a crazy landscape.  Fantastically Monster Hunter International blended with a pulpy western novel!  I can’t say anything more because this was so good!  Please give this a go and check out more from author Gareth Clegg!

Thank you to Gareth for asking me to review this novella!  I truly loved it and will be looking forward to more  from him!



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