Hey there!

Hey there!  Welcome to Book Bustle!  My name is Katie, I live in Texas, and I love books!  

This is my first foray into book reviews or bookish things, I’ve been an active reader for years.  My interests include non-fiction, specifically works about the American West or the Mongol Empire, and most fiction, with the exception of horror.  I love a good detective thriller or a fantasy novel about the fae and magic!  I can essentially run the entire gamut of fiction and I love it all.

I am so excited that you are here and reading my reviews!  This is an inclusive place where opinions are held in high regard and we don’t shy away from criticism!  I love reading new and emerging authors!  I am also a member of the Texas Library Association and of the National Book Critic’s Circle!

I am also listed with the IndieView, The Book Blogger List, and the Book Blog Directory.

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