Book Tour: The Earl Lady’s Geologist by Alissa Baxter

The Earl’s Lady Geologist by Alissa Baxter

Publication Date: February 28, 2021 Vinspire Publishing Series: Linfield Ladies Series, Book One Genre: Regency Romance     Cassandra Linfield is a lady fossil collector who declares she will never marry as no man will ever take her studies seriously. When circumstances force her to travel to Town for the Season, Cassy infiltrates the hallowed portals of the Geological Society from which she has been banned. She is horrified when she comes face to face with her nemesis, the infuriating Earl of Rothbury. Lord Rothbury is a gentleman-geologist with a turbulent romantic past. After a youthful disappointment he vows never to fall in love again, and makes the decision, instead, to seek out a convenient wife when he returns to England from his geological travels abroad. Brought together by their close family ties, Cassy and Rothbury collaborate on a geological paper and discover a powerful attraction. Marriage, however, is the one subject they cannot agree upon. But when Cassy’s life is threatened, the two realise that love matters more than their objections.

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Praise for The Earl’s Lady Geologist

“A gentle Regency romance, full of sweetness and intelligence. Alissa Baxter’s writing is period perfect.” -Mimi Matthews, USA Today bestselling author of The Matrimonial Advertisement “The Earl’s Lady Geologist by Alissa Baxter deftly weaves together the charm of a traditional Regency romance, fascinating information on scientific society of the time, with a quiet subtext about the challenges faced by women interested in pursuing science. This first book in a new series is wonderfully satisfying on many levels!” -Mary Jo Putney, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author “While immersing the reader in the mores and life of the Regency era, Alissa Baxter manages to write strong, independent heroines whom modern-day women will cheer and root for. Plus the addition of little details that wrap around the plot and the characters make reading her books all the more special because you never know when you might land on a little Easter egg morsel in the beautiful and engaging prose. Historicals with heart and engaging characters that read real—that’s what you get in Ms. Baxter’s books.” -Zee Monodee, USA Today bestselling author “A truly traditional Regency romance, with lots of witty banter, very reminiscent of Georgette Heyer. Recommended for anyone who likes a completely clean traditional Regency, with strongly authentic writing, historical accuracy and a satisfying romance. Baxter’s writing is excellent, and her dialogue, manners and settings are true to the era. A spirited heroine, a brooding hero, lots of sparkling banter and an authentic Regency setting—with added fossils! Great fun. From Lyme Regis to the drawing rooms of London, Alissa Baxter takes the reader back to the time of Jane Austen.” Mary Kingswood, author of traditional Regency romances

This is a wonderful historical romance that is so timely!  With the recent popularity of “The Dig” on Netflix and a renewed interest in archeology, this novel combines fantastic elements of historical fiction, archeological/scholarly research, and just a little bit of steamy romance!  Cassandra is a headstrong young woman who is on the verge of freedom to pursue her passions, her studies, and her dreams.  She is determined to follow those dreams and gets into a bit of mischief along the way.

I noticed several reviewers were glad that Cassandra was set apart from most ladies in Regency fiction who normally melt at the sight of a titled gentlemen.  Cassandra has no time for titles or gentle pursuits.  She has a will of her own and won’t be stifled by society.  Be prepared for a slow burn romance with a fair amount of interpersonal conflict and even a bit of danger!  The Earl of Rothbury is a great match for Cassandra, he is a respected geologist with his own opinions of society.  I loved getting to walk with them through the narrative in this book! 

There are a couple of surprises in that this book has many details, little bits of information that make the story even more real, and there are some historical/literary figures sprinkled throughout the narrative!  Given the very interesting subject matter of this book, I was enthralled from the beginning!

This is a perfect novel (first in a series I think!) for fans of Regency/Historical Romance, slow burn romantic novels, archeology, and willful heroines!  I very much enjoyed this book and give it a strong recommendation!  Thank you to Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours and the author for having me along on this tour!

About the Author

Alissa Baxter was born in a small town in South Africa, and grew up with her nose in a book on a poultry and cattle farm. At the age of eleven she discovered her mother’s collection of Georgette Heyer novels. The first Heyer novel she ever read was Sylvester and she was hooked on Georgette Heyer after that. She read and reread her novels, and fell totally in love with the Regency period and Heyer’s grey-eyed heroes! After school and university, where she majored in Political Science and French, she published her first Regency novel, The Dashing Debutante. Alissa travelled overseas and worked as a flight attendant in Dubai before she moved to England, where she did an odd assortment of jobs while researching her second novel, Lord Fenmore’s Wager, which she wrote when she moved back to South Africa. Alissa’s third Regency novel, A Marchioness Below Stairs, is the sequel to Lord Fenmore’s Wager. Alissa has lived in Durban and Cape Town but she eventually settled in Johannesburg where she lives with her husband and two sons. Alissa is also the author of two chick-lit novels, Send and Receive and The Blog Affair, which have been re-released as The Truth About Series: The Truth about Clicking Send and Receive and The Truth About Cats and Bees.

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Character Interview: Dreams Re-Kindled by Amanda Cabot

BNR Dreams Rekindled


Mesquite Springs, Book 2


Categories: Christian Historical Fiction/ Romance/ Stand-Alone

Publisher: Revell

Date of Publication: March 2, 2021

Pages: 352


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He’s bound and determined to find peace . . . but she’s about to stir things up. 
Dorothy Clark dreams of writing something that will challenge people as much as Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin seems to have. But in 1850s Mesquite Springs, there are few opportunities for writers–until newspaperman Brandon Holloway arrives, that is. 
Brandon Holloway has seen firsthand the disastrous effects of challenging others. He has no intention of repeating that mistake. Instead of following his dreams, he’s committed to making a new–and completely uncontroversial–start in the Hill Country. 
As Dorothy’s involvement in the fledgling newspaper grows from convenient to essential, the same change seems to be happening in Brandon’s heart. But before romance can bloom, Dorothy and Brandon must work together to discover who’s determined to divide the town and destroy Brandon’s livelihood. 


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A Conversation with Mrs. Lockhart

From Dreams Rekindled

By Amanda Cabot

Ida Downey, who owns Mesquite Springs’s mercantile, is not a gossip, but she prides herself on knowing everything that’s going on in town. Today she’s chatting with the former schoolteacher, a widow who owns the second largest house in town.

IDA: Good morning, Virginia. What can I get for you today?

MRS. LOCKHART: A spool of white thread. I caught my heel in the hem of my petticoat and managed to tear it.

IDA: I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad it brought you here. There are a couple things I wanted to ask you. First, I want your opinion of the two men who’ve come to town. They’re all anyone can talk about … including my daughter. Laura’s convinced the handsome newspaperman is the man she’s going to marry.

MRS. LOCKHART: He is handsome, I’ll grant you that, but I wonder if he’s the right one for Laura. Something tells me he has secrets in his past that might stand between them. Laura needs a man with a whole heart, and I’m not sure Brandon Holloway is that man.

IDA: I hope you’re wrong, because Leonard and I both think the world of Brandon. This town needed a newspaper, and as far as we’re concerned, he’s the best thing that’s happened here in a long time.

MRS. LOCKHART: I agree about the paper, but I’m still not sure he and Laura would be a good match.

IDA: I won’t tell Laura you said that, because she has dreams of a double wedding. She’s convinced Phil Blakeslee is the perfect match for Dorothy. There’s only one problem: Dorothy claims she’ll never marry.

MRS. LOCKHART: Now you’ve shocked me, Ida. Why is Dorothy so averse to marriage? Her parents were one of the best-matched couples I’ve met, and her brother seems to be boots over hat in love with his wife.

IDA: Laura doesn’t know why Dorothy’s so adamant. That’s the second thing I want to talk to you about. Laura believes if Dorothy and Phil spend more time together, they’ll fall in love. Do you think you can arrange it? I heard Phil’s been eating dinner with you most days. Maybe you could invite Dorothy to join you.

MRS. LOCKHART: Are you trying to turn me into a matchmaker? I don’t think that’s a good idea.

IDA: Then, what do you suggest?

MRS. LOCKHART: Let love take its course.

And it does, although not necessarily the way anyone expects.

Amanda Cabot is the bestselling author of Out of the Embers, as well as the Cimarron Creek Trilogy and the Texas Crossroads, Texas Dreams, and Westward Winds series. Her books have been finalists for the ACFW Carol Awards, the HOLT Medallion, and the Booksellers’ Best. She lives in Wyoming. Learn more:

WebsiteFacebookBlogBookBub TwitterGoodreads  

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Blog Tour: A Deadly Fortune by Stacie Murphy #HFVBT

A Deadly Fortune by Stacie Murphy

Publication Date: January 5, 2021 Pegasus Crime Genre: Historical Mystery     A historical mystery in the vein of The Alienist, in which a young woman in Gilded Age New York must use a special talent to unravel a deadly conspiracy. Amelia Matthew has done the all-but-impossible, especially for an orphan in Gilded Age New York City. Along with her foster brother Jonas, she has parleyed her modest psychic talent into a safe and comfortable life. But safety and comfort vanish when a head injury leaves Amelia with a dramatically-expanded gift. After she publicly channels an angry spirit, she finds herself imprisoned in the notorious insane asylum on Blackwell’s Island. As Jonas searches for a way to free her, Amelia struggles to control her disturbing new abilities and survive a place where cruelty and despair threaten her sanity. Andrew Cavanaugh is familiar with despair. In the wake of a devastating loss, he abandons a promising medical career—and his place in Philadelphia society—to devote himself to the study and treatment of mental disease. Miss Amelia Matthew is just another patient—until she channels a spirit in front of him and proves her gift is real. When a distraught mother comes to Andrew searching for her missing daughter—a daughter she believes is being hidden at the asylum—he turns to Amelia. Together, they uncover evidence of a deadly conspiracy, and then it’s no longer just Amelia’s sanity and freedom at stake. Amelia must master her gift and use it to catch a killer—or risk becoming the next victim.

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Advance Praise for A Deadly Fortune

“The 1893 world of the infamous lunatic asylum on Blackwell’s Island comes alive in frightening and horrific detail as a string of murders for profit is discovered when a young woman with a gift for contacting the dead becomes an accidental patient. She must fight for her life as well as her freedom in this engrossing mystery that reveals that all was not golden in Gilded Age New York.” —Rosemary Simpson, author of Death Brings a Shadow: A Gilded Age Mystery “This engrossing mystery, rich in period detail, probes the dark side of Gilded Age New York and the even darker side of life at the insane asylum on Blackwell’s Island. Plucky Amelia Matthew rises to the considerable challenges that surround her, uncovering increasingly dangerous secrets that point to the presence of a murderer in the asylum. Amelia has a special gift that both helps and complicates her search for the truth, making her a unique heroine. A Deadly Fortune builds to a satisfying conclusion that will whet the reader’s appetite for more of Amelia’s adventures!” —Clarissa Harwood, author of Impossible Saints and Bear No Malice “Stacie Murphy proves herself to be a masterful storyteller with A Deadly Fortune—an elegantly written, fast-paced mystery that blends the dark side of the Gilded Age, great characters, and a paranormal twist. Impossible to put down.” —Julie McElwain, author of the Kendra Donovan Mystery Series “Murphy serves up a dark side of the Gilded Age with intrigue, historical detail, and captivating characters. This is a mystery to savor!” —Dianne Freeman, award winning author of the Countess of Harleigh mysteries.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this debut novel, but I was blown away within a few pages!   This book is described as perfect for fans of The Alienist, a little bit paranormal and heavy on the mystery.  This is spot on!  I loved the setting of Gilded Age New York, I’ve always wanted to live in that time period.  Voluminous skirts, canes, top hats, high fashion!

This book centers around Amelia Matthews, a woman who suffers a traumatic brain injury that exacerbates her ‘powers’.  She is able to communicate with the dead and sometimes she can see the way a person will die.  Along with Amelia, we meet Dr. Andrew Cavanaugh, doctor who studies trauma and mental illness on Blackwell Island.  Amelia’s brother Jonas is also along for the ride!  I found Amelia and Jonas to be incredibly well developed characters with Andrew falling a little bit flat.  I really enjoyed them all, but the relationship between Amelia and Jonas was the standout for me. 

I loved the setting and found the asylum on Blackwell’s island to be very creepy, but in a good way!  This is definitely a paranormal book, perfect for the next spooky season, but also for the paranormal aficionado!   Great characters, spectacular mystery, and a well-told narrative make this a standout book for me!  The pacing was very good and well-balanced for a debut novel!  

Thank you to Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours and Stacie Murphy for the opportunity to read and review this title!  So, so good!

About the Author

Stacie Murphy grew up near Nashville, TN. She began writing A Deadly Fortune in 2017 as a way to force herself to stay off Twitter in the evenings. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, daughter, and the worst cat in the world.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

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Blog Tour: Gentleman Jim by Mimi Matthews

  • Title: Gentleman Jim: A Tale of Romance and Revenge
  • Author: Mimi Matthews
  • Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Regency Romance
  • Publisher: Perfectly Proper Press (November 10, 2020)
  • Length: (376) pages

She Couldn’t Forget…

Wealthy squire’s daughter Margaret Honeywell was always meant to marry her neighbor, Frederick Burton-Smythe, but it’s bastard-born Nicholas Seaton who has her heart. Raised alongside her on her father’s estate, Nick is the rumored son of notorious highwayman Gentleman Jim. When Fred frames him for theft, Nick escapes into the night, vowing to find his legendary sire. But Nick never returns. A decade later, he’s long been presumed dead.

He Wouldn’t Forgive…

After years spent on the continent, John Beresford, Viscount St. Clare has finally come home to England. Tall, blond, and dangerous, he’s on a mission to restore his family’s honor. If he can mete out a bit of revenge along the way, so much the better. But he hasn’t reckoned for Maggie Honeywell. She’s bold and beautiful–and entirely convinced he’s someone else.

As danger closes in, St. Clare is torn between love and vengeance. Will he sacrifice one to gain other? Or, with a little daring, will he find a way to have them both?

As a fan of Mimi Matthews, of course I was so excited to read this book!  I found it to be a bit off the path from her usual books, which brought an interesting nuance to this novel!  This is a perfect book for fans of gothic romance, mistaken identity, enemies to lovers and all of those fantastic bits! 

Essentially, this is the love story between the bastard son of a famous man and a posh daughter of a wealthy family.  There are enemies, unrequited love, and so so so much swooning!  I felt like I was transported to this era and the story jumped off the page at me!  I really enjoyed all of this book and didn’t have anything to quibble with.

The pacing of the book is very good and there is just enough conflict, both emotional and physical, to really elevate the narrative.  Usually this genre can be a bit stereotypical, but Mimi Matthews kept me guessing at every turn!  You will absolutely love the dialogue, it is superb!  Perfect length for a book in this genre, it took me a few sittings to read it, but I was interrupted in the middle.  I would normally be done in a day, but I am a fast reader.  This is a book to be savored that would make a perfect holiday gift!  If you’ve never read a Mimi Matthews book, this is a good one to begin with as it is has beautiful dialogue and it is a standalone novel. 

My thanks to the author and Austen Prose for having me along on this tour!  I loved this book and would recommend to all readers of historical fiction, romance, and ‘masterpiece theatre’ style books!


USA Today bestselling author Mimi Matthews writes both historical nonfiction and award-winning proper Victorian romances. Her novels have received starred reviews in Library JournalPublishers Weekly, and Kirkus, and her articles have been featured on the Victorian Web, the Journal of Victorian Culture, and in syndication at BUST Magazine. In her other life, Mimi is an attorney. She resides in California with her family, which includes a retired Andalusian dressage horse, a Sheltie, and two Siamese cats. Her next romance, The Siren of Sussex, will be out in 2022 from Berkley/Penguin Random House.




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Book Blitz: The Cowboy Who Saved Christmas by Jodi Thomas and Friends

The Cowboy Who Saved Christmas

Jodi Thomas,

Sharla Lovelace, and Scarlett Dunn

Genre: Romance / Adventure / Anthology
Publisher: Kensington Books
Date of Publication: October 27, 2020
Number of Pages: 336 pages
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The Lone Star State doesn’t have to be lonely during Christmas time!
Legendary author Jodi Thomas headlines a new holiday-themed Western historical romance collection featuring three Texas-set stories of romance and adventure.
The Civil War is over, Christmas is coming—and it’s time for three rugged cowboys to hang-up their spurs and settle down. These authors combine their talents and excel at creating atmosphere and complex characters which infuse these stories with Texas history and evoke the grandeur of a bygone era and the indomitable pioneer spirit of the region.
Prepare to be swept off your feet by these heroic cowboys who will stop at nothing to make sure this Christmas is one to remember. Ideal for gift giving, The Cowboy Who Saved Christmas will be the fan-favorite collection of romance for the 2020 Christmas season!


“FATHER GOOSE is a warm, entertaining story, with Trapper and Emery starting with nothing, yet finding love and hoping for a future.” — Rose from Roses Are Blue
“It was a pitch-perfect reading experience that left my heart bursting with joy. This story has become an instant classic in my holiday reading canon.” — PJ Ausdenmore from The Romance Dish
“I love an anthology at this busy time of the year because I can read a complete story in a short time–this book hit the mark.”
Mary from Bookfan
Jodi Thomas is a New York Times bestselling author and fifth-generation Texan who sets many of her award-winning stories in her home state, where her grandmother was born in a covered wagon. A multi-RITA Award winner and member of the prestigious Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame, she’s written over 50 novels with millions of copies in print. Her most recent releases are The Little Tea Shop on Main and the first book in her new Honey Creek series, Breakfast at the Honey Creek Café, which is out now.
WebsiteFacebookTwitter ║ ║ InstagramAmazon BookBub ║ ║ PinterestGoodreads
signed by Jodi Thomas
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Blog Tour: The Gentleman and the Thief by Sarah M. Eden

The Gentleman and the Thief

by Sarah M. Eden

Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020

Publisher: Shadow Mountain Publishing

Series: Dread Penny Society Book 2

Genre: Historical Mystery/Suspense, Victorian Romance, Inspirational Fiction

A standalone novel in The Dread Penny Society set in 1865 London brimming with secrets, scandal, suspense, and romance.
From the moment Hollis Darby meets Ana Newport, he’s smitten. Even though he’s from a wealthy, established family and she isn’t, he wishes he could have a life with her by his side. But Hollis has a secret: the deep coffers that have kept his family afloat for generations are bare, so he supports himself by writing penny dreadfuls under a pseudonym. If not for the income from his novels, he would be broke.

Ana Newport also has a secret. Though she once had a place in society thanks to her father’s successful business, bankruptcy and scandal reduced his fortune to nothing more than a crumbling town house. So Ana teaches music during the day, and at night she assumes the identity of the “Phantom Fox.” She breaks into the homes of the wealthy to reclaim trinkets and treasures she feels were unjustly stolen from her family when they were struggling.

When Hollis’s brother needs to hire a music tutor for his daughter, Hollis recommends Ana, giving him a chance to spend time with her. Ana needs the income and is eager for the opportunity to get to know the enigmatic gentleman. What neither of them expects is how difficult it will be to keep their respective secrets from each other.

When a spree of robberies rocks the city, Ana and Hollis join forces to solve the crimes, discovering that working together deepens the affection between them. After all, who better to save the day than a gentleman and a thief?

Purchase Links


This is my first experience with a penny dreadful novel, so I wasn’t expecting to get three stories in one!  But there you have it!  Three stories in one!  The main story follows Hollis and Ana with a couple of Victorian-era pulpy stories in between.  I hadn’t read this author’s work before, but I really enjoyed her writing style and narrative voice.  This is a standalone, though part of a series.  I did notice that other reviews said that this could be read on its own, which I wholeheartedly agree with.  I didn’t feel lost or that I’d missed something when reading this book.

The narrative reads smoothly with that fantastic Victorian flair!  The characters were lovely and I really enjoyed the printing of the book!  I’m a sucker for a good physical printing and this was a great paperback edition!  If you were looking for a very heavy romance book, this isn’t it.  There is much more suspense, mild peril, fun and witty dialogue, and actual narrative than romance.  There is romance, it just isn’t the centerpiece here and I really appreciated it!

I loved the mystery to be solved in this book along with the fun character development throughout the main plot!  The short stories that were intermittent were just so much fun as well!  Overall, I very much enjoyed this book and would recommend to readers interested in historical fiction, Victorian era penny dreadfuls, mystery, suspense, and light romance.  Also, this book was squeaky clean!  Perfect for an afternoon on a cold day, curled up with a good coffee or a light read during the holidays!  Thank you so much to the author, publisher, and tour arranger for the opportunity to read and review this book! 

About the Author

Sarah M. Eden is a USA Today best-selling author of witty and charming historical romances, including 2019’s Foreword Reviews INDIE Awards Gold Winner for Romance, The Lady and the Highwayman, and 2020 Holt Medallion finalist, Healing Hearts. She is a two-time “Best of State” Gold Medal winner for fiction and a three-time Whitney Award winner. Combining her obsession with history and her affinity for tender love stories, Sarah loves crafting deep characters and heartfelt romances set against rich historical backdrops. She holds a bachelor’s degree in research and happily spends hours perusing the reference shelves of her local library. 

Tour Schedule

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Blog Tour: Flirtation and Folly by Elizabeth Rasche

Flirtation and Folly by Elizabeth Rasche

Publication Date: November 10, 2020 Quills and Quartos Publishing Series: A Season in London, Book One Genre: Historical Romance     Marianne Mowbrey is a responsible country rector’s daughter who longs for the novelty and excitement she reads about in novels. When her crusty Aunt Harriet agrees to give her a Season in London, Marianne vows to dazzle the world, win a husband, and never go home again. But the Londoners who determine social success are inclined to pass over plain Marianne in favor of her beautiful, reckless younger sister. In a world of ambition, fashion, flattery, and deceit, how can Marianne stay true to her real self—when she is not even sure what that real self is?

Available on Amazon

Flirtation and Folly  is a wonderful Regency novel with an exceedingly interesting main character.  Marianne Mowbrey spends a season in London, determined to find a husband and be taken away from her dull life in the country.  She faces a great deal of adversity in the form of high society girls, akin to a Victorian Mean Girls, but stands strong through it all!

Some books in this genre can feel like they are only surface level in terms of character development, but I think author Elizabeth Rasche did a fantastic job of giving the cavalcade of characters depth and realism!  Ultimately, this is a story of self-discovery and a well-written one at that! 

The pacing of the book was very good!  I read this in two or three sittings and honestly had a hard time putting it down to work on other things.  I had an ebook copy, which was perfect for this book!  Don’t let the cover fool you, there is romance in this book, but it isn’t over the top or overbearing.  I found the balance between narrative and romance to be just right for this story!

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to further works from this author! Thank you to Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for having me along and to the author!  This title is on sale now!

About the Author

After acquiring a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Arkansas, Elizabeth Rasche taught philosophy in the U.S. and co-taught English in Japan. Now she and her husband live in northwest Arkansas, the ‘garden of America.’ (At least, she has only ever heard Arkansas called so.) She dreams of visiting Surrey (if only to look for Mrs. Elton’s Maple Grove), Bath, and of course, London. When she has a Jane Austen novel in one hand, a cup of tea in the other, and a cat on her lap, her day is pretty much perfect. Elizabeth Rasche is the author of The Birthday Parties of Dragons and her poetry has appeared in Scifaikuest. Flirtation & Folly is her first historical fiction novel.

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Blog Tour: The Light at Wyndcliff by Sarah E. Ladd

The Light at Wyndcliff by Sarah E. Ladd

Publication Date: October 13, 2020
Thomas Nelson
Paperback & eBook; 352 Pages

Series: The Cornwall Novels, Book 3
Genre: Historical Romance/Regency/Christian

Set in 1820s Cornwall, this Regency romance evokes the captivating worlds and delicious dramas of Jane Austen, Daphne DuMaurier, and Winston Graham.

Raised on the sprawling and rugged Wyndcliff Estate near the dangerous coast of South Cornwall, Evelyn Bray lives with her grandfather, a once-wealthy man reduced to the post of steward. Evelyn is still grieving her father’s death and her mother’s abandonment when a passing ship is dashed against the rocks. The only survivors, a little girl and her injured mother, are rescued and brought to Wyndcliff Hall.

Liam Twethewey is just twenty-two when he inherits Wyndcliff Estate from his great uncle. His optimistic plans to open a china clay pit to employ the estate’s tenants meets unexpected resistance, and the rumors of smuggling and illegal activity challenge his new-found authority. Though wise beyond his years, young Liam quickly finds himself out of his depth in this land where long-held secrets and high-stakes agendas make no room for newcomers.

Brought together by troubling questions surrounding the shipwreck, Evelyn and Liam uncover even darker mysteries shrouding the estate. But as they untangle truths from deceptions, their loyalties separate them—and their budding love might not be strong enough to overcome the distance.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound

The third installment in the Cornwall Series, The Light at Wyndcliff is a wonderful addition to the historical romance genre.  Sarah E. Ladd has a wonderful way with words throughout this narrative and I would love to read the first two books in this series!  Though I hadn’t read the first two books, I didn’t feel lost in this story.  It read enough as a standalone for me, which was a very big plus.

This novel and genre are perfect for PBS’ Masterpiece Theatre dramas like Poldark, Downton Abbey, Victoria, Beecham House, Sanditon, and other series like Outlander!  It fits perfectly into this genre of historical romances and I loved the depth of immersion in this time period that the author takes the reader to through the narrative!  It is beautifully descriptive, transporting the reader to the windswept coast of Cornwall with it’s cliffs, beaches, dreary days, and distinct scents!

William and Evelyn are my favorite characters in this novel!  They are fun, witty, and so well written!  There is depth to their characters, their relationships, and the story surrounding them!  I loved the undercurrent of mystery that crept along with the narrative!  The pacing was excellent and I loved this 306 page book, it was just the right length to keep me captivated, but not loose me in a prolonged plot.

Overall, loved this book and will definitely put Sarah E. Ladd on my future author reading list!  Thank you to Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours and the author for having me on this tour!  A fantastic book from a fantastic writer!

About the Author

Sarah E. Ladd has always loved the Regency period — the clothes, the music, the literature and the art. A college trip to England and Scotland confirmed her interest in the time period and gave her idea of what life would’ve looked like in era. It wasn’t until 2010 that Ladd began writing seriously. Shortly after, Ladd released the first book in the Whispers on the Moors series. Book one of the series, The Heiress of Winterwood, was the recipient of the 2011 ACFW Genesis Award for historical romance. Ladd also has more than ten years of marketing experience. She holds degrees in public relations and marketing and lives in Indiana with her family and spunky Golden Retriever.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | BookBub | Goodreads

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During the Blog Tour, we are giving away 5 copies of The Light at Wyndcliff! To enter, please use the Gleam form below.

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The Light at Wyndcliff 

Blog Tour: Nothing Short of Wonderous by Regina Scott

(American Wonders Collection, Book Two)
Genre: Historical Fiction / Christian Romance 
Publisher: Revell
Date of Publication: October 20, 2020
Number of Pages: 336

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In 1886, the U.S. government gave control of Yellowstone, the country’s first national park, to the cavalry to stop predation by poachers, hunters, and vandals. Mrs. Kate Tremaine is all for the change. The young widow and her late husband held the lease to operate one of the hotels in the park. She has raised her six-year-old son among God’s wonders and knows every inch of the mountainous park like the back of her hand. It is her home, and she has vowed to protect it.

Lieutenant William Prescott needs someone of Kate’s caliber more than he knows. Congress has appropriated funds for only one guide, who is required elsewhere in the park, and the cavalryman is having some trouble finding his way around much less tracking down the troublemakers. As Kate and her son help him, he doesn’t dare give in to the tender feelings she raises in him. A tragic mistake eight years ago nearly derailed his career and made him question his own abilities. Not even Kate’s encouragement or God’s forgiveness can blot out the stain on his conscience.

When Kate’s son disappears, Will and Kate must work together to rescue the boy and protect the park. In doing so, they may just find that two wounded hearts can lead to one powerful love when God is in control.

Nothing Short of Wonderous is book 2 in the American Wonders Collection by Regina Scott!  Set in 1886 near Yellowstone, this novel features Kate Tremaine, a widowed hotelier with a penchant for natural beauty and a mission to protect her piece of the natural world from those that seek to ruin it.  This story is set against a beautiful backdrop of mountains, streams, and vast wilderness.  It really is a stunning historical romance, perfect for fans of faith-infused romance novels! 

Kate is a woman of faith with strong moral principles and dedication to her family and business.  Immediately, the reader is introduced to Lieutenant William Prescott of the US Cavalry.  Will and Kate share an immediate connection and the reader soon learns more about each of them through the other’s eyes.  The relationships between Kate and many of the characters are well constructed and beautifully written!  I loved seeing the beginnings of Kate and Will’s friendship through the beginning chapters of the book!  Kate is really my favorite character.  She is self-possessed, accomplished, and brilliant! 

I loved the setting and the descriptions of Yellowstone!  One of the major plot points in the book revolves around the American Bison, which is the mascot of my alma mater!  Though we call ourselves Buffaloes, I am very glad to see a novel featuring these majestic creatures!  I am even more happy to see a novel about the American West that features such a strong female lead character!  Kate is the embodiment of the spirit of the American West!  I see many of those same traits in Will and other characters as well!

The pacing of this book is perfect for me and I enjoyed the length of the story.  This novel features plenty of action while keeping with the historical romance genre!  I very much enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more novels by Regina Scott in the future!  Highly recommend this for fans of historical romance, historical fiction, and faith-based fiction! 

Thank you to Lone Star Book Blog Tours, Regina Scott, and Revel for sending me a copy of the book and having me along on the tour! 

Regina Scott is the author of fifty works of warm, witty historical romance, including A Distance Too Grand. She was twice awarded the prestigious RT Book Reviews best book of the year in her category. A devotee of history, she has learned to fence, driven four-in-hand, and sailed on a tall ship, all in the name of research. She and her husband of thirty years live south of Tacoma, Washington, on the way to Mt. Rainier.

WebsiteFacebook ⬥ Blog ⬥ Pinterest  

THREE WINNERS! FIRST PRIZE: Both books in the American Wonders collection, tote bag, book swag, and $25 B&N gift card; SECOND & THIRD PRIZES: Copy of Nothing Short of Wondrous and book swag. 
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Blog Tour: The Diary of Asser Levy: First Jewish Citizen of New York by Daniela Weil

First Jewish Citizen
of New York

Genre: Historical Fiction / Middle Grade / Jewish / Colonial America
Publisher: Pelican (Arcadia Publishing)
Date of Publication: March 9, 2020
Number of Pages: 128

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For twenty-four years the Dutch colony of Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil was a safe haven for Jews who had escaped the Inquisition in Europe. Recife, its capital, was known as “Colonial Jerusalem,” and it was from this religiously tolerant town that Asser Levy tells his story. When the Portuguese recaptured the territory in 1654, they brought the Inquisition and its torments with them, forcing Asser and his family and friends to flee to Holland. About fifteen ships arrive safely in Holland; Asser’s ship does not. 

Through imagined diary entries based on real events, Asser tells the harrowing story of the Jewish refugees who arrived on the island of Manhattan and of some of the first court battles fought to allow religious freedom in America.

“The book breathes life into a little-known yet important Jewish figure of early New Amsterdam and New York. Through a series of diary entries based on fact and the author’s creation, the author brings out the emotion, drama, and conflicts of Asser Levy’s turbulent journey to a new land in search of religious freedom. … The book will add color to classroom lessons on early US history and on Jewish immigration.” —Paul Kaplan, author of Jewish New York: A History and Guide to Neighborhoods, Synagogues, and Eateries 

“What an extraordinary amount of research went into it! And what a creative way of combining historical fiction and contemporary pictures. Kudos!” —Cynthia Levinson, author of The Youngest Marcher

“What a fine job [Daniela] did with this story! … The diary-style keeps the pace moving, and the adventures make it exciting. Lots of setting details bring the scenes alive, and the dialogue engages the reader in the plot. I can see how it will be easy for a young reader to identify with Asser, worrying about how (and if) he’ll succeed in his quest.” —Gail Jarrow, author of Fatal Fever


So much to say about The Diary of Asser Levy!  This is an interesting, innovative, and fascinating look at a subject that history has often overlooked.  A personal story for the author, Asser Levy was one of the first Jewish inhabitants of America!  Author Daniela Weil has taken in depth analysis of historical events and filled in the blanks from the historical record to reach younger audiences.  Ultimately, this is a story of survival, diplomacy, and bravery!

I absolutely enjoyed reading the diary portion of this book, which takes up most of the text.  Asser Levy’s journey from Brazil to Jamaica to the New World took him through real-world dangers on the high seas, religious persecution, skilled deal-making, and eventually a long-term home.  Given the state of the historical record, the author filled in parts of Asser’s personality with an adept hand. 

Included in the later part of the book are maps, photographs, background information, and other intriguing details.  As a historian, I very much appreciated the inclusion of historical documents and background information.  Asser’s voice is fascinating and I am so glad that it is being heard today! 

Another amazing thing about this book is the typeface!  The typeface is OpenDyslexic which is a font designed for inclusion for readers of all abilities.  My son is a much more fluent reader when books have this font!  A fantastic choice to bring Asser’s story to more readers!  This is a perfect book for teachers, parents, and  people interested in Jewish heritage! 

Thank you to Daniela Weil, Pelican Publishing, and the folks at Lone Star Book Blog Tours for having me along! 

Daniela Weil was born in Brazil. She attended the International School in São Paulo, where she was surrounded by people and cultures from around the world. It was also there that she developed a passion for nature, art, and writing. After earning a BA in biology from Brandeis University in Boston, Weil became a field research biologist. She participated in various whale projects, including illustrating the first field guide for whales and dolphins in Brazil.

Being a mother rekindled her desire to share her passion about the natural world. She joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and attended workshops on writing nonfiction and science for kids. After writing several articles on science and history, she ventured into books. Weil attended the Texas Library Association annual conference with her SCBWI group and met the folks from Pelican, who were intrigued by her middle-grade book idea. As the project developed, her research took her back to Brazil and across the world, chasing Asser’s experiences.

When not on the hunt for new experiences, Weil makes her home in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Erik, and daughter, Lucy.

ONE WINNER gets a signed hardcover copy of the book.
 September 22-October 2, 2020
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