Review: The Northern Witch Series by K. S. Marsden

K. S. Marsden is an accomplished writer with three series under her belt.  The Northern Witch series is Marsden’s new YA series featuring Mark, an openly gay witch in training, who is navigating high school, boys, relationships, and his apprenticeship as a new witch.  His Nana is an integral part of the series, delivering sassy lines and adding so much to the experience for the reader.

The first book in the series, Winter Trials, is a great introduction to the world and it’s main cast of characters.  We have Mark, one of two openly gay students at his high school.  His Nanna, a witch and his mentor.  An insanely hot new student at the school, along with several other people that interact with Mark.  Winter Trials is a short read, but a great introductory work for this series.  This is definitely a coming of age story about a boy in high school who happens to have magical powers.

Book 2 in the series is Awaken, which picks up where the first book left off with Mark still coming to understand his powers and what he is truly capable of.  Again, this is a relatively short read, but a riveting story about love, loss, high school, and magic. 

The Breaking is the third book in her The Northern Witch series, which follows Adam, a witch in training, as he learns the craft and navigates being a teenager.  The world in which The Breaking takes place has an interesting blend of technology and magic, both work together.  This is in contrast with many novels dealing with magic and technology where magic makes technology nonfunctional.  This world is very much like our own with social media and cell phones.  This book features intrigue, demons, deception, drama, love lost, love found, and, of course, teenage angst.

This series is perfect for fans of Jordan Hawk, Blair Babylon, and Nicole R. Taylor.  I would absolutely recommend this book series for fans of LGBT/YA high school dramas and magical adventures! 

All three books are available at most online retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and SmashWords.  Check out K. S. Marsden’s website as well:  K. S. Marsden

Thank you to the author for sending me a copy of all three books in exchange for an honest review!  Happy reading!


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